Opinion on Hard Rejected Item

Hello. I’m new and trying to become an Audiojungle author. I’ve seen a lot of these type postings here, and I hate to add to the total, but I find that I need opinions other than my own. I’ve tried sound effects that were rejected and have since reasoned that the tails were at fault. I submitted a 10 second (it shows up as 12 elsewhere) rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” performed with strings and bells in the music category. It was hard rejected. I would just like an opinion on why others here might think it was rejected so that I could have an idea on what to work on? Possibly everything sounded too artificial? Too short for music? Should have been a logo? Is it just awful?

I am, of course, going to try again. Thank you in advance for your feedback. The preview is here:

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Yes , definitely in the paragraph logo ) and on account of the sounds , Yes sounds very artificially , you need to replace the strings too much MIDI and bells the end is good just need to remove the reverb and strings and bells , too much reverb and delay !!!

Thanks very much for your guidance. I’m looking into a better string library, and obviously need to learn better string arrangement.

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