Opinion on backgrounds

Hello! I made 5 messy colorful backgrounds, slightly 3D, and two kinds of halftone effect of every of them. Are they good enough for GR? They are 3464x3464 pixels, 300 dpi JPEGs.

hi for me the first two ones look rather good, ether may be some small execution things, here and there, to say if i have a detailed look but globally this is good and original. AS for the following ones, i doubt that this is exploitable for marketplaces as such … i think u could more easily sell more typical halftone rather than this indeed … though maybe the clearer ones are more exploitable and possibly have a more interesting commercial as overlay or melted backgrounds but i do not feel the same for the darker ones …

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Thanks for the opinion! :slight_smile: I have two blurred version of each too, maybe to change the dark halftone with one of them?

i personally like these much much more as none is failing to be aesthetic , that colors are clear but with variations, which will not make the thing too flat when it comes to using is melted in a backgounr too and thus u have more commercial potential , not to mention that they look modern, colorful and textured which are all appreciated by most of the people according to analysis of people’s “tastes and behaviors”

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Thank you very much for the kind words and tips! I edited them, added two more kind of colors and will send them. Hope even if rejected it would be soft reject.

indeed this is very unlikely that this is … as most of soft rejections are here for some technical or file or description missing issues … so i hope this is approved otherwise this will be not good …

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I just sent it, cross my fingers for a good news. :slight_smile:

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yeah i cross fingers for u , good luck :):four_leaf_clover:

Unfortunately I got hard reject on them. :cry: Will post in another topic with the included images.