Opinion before reviewing

What can i change in my theme, before i send it to review process. Thanks!
Demo: http://anismedia.com/toplook/

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Hi there:

Your template is very nice I think that reviewer approved you themes good luck regards.

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Thank you, i hope so its my 4th attempt i think :slight_smile:

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Is this meant to be flat or not? You have flat square buttons, and rounded progress bars with shadows. Other elements have default borders (inputs) and your pricing tables have huge drop shadows.

You need a clear design vision, what you’ve created here is just a mis match of ideas without any clear direction: image hovers zoom at different speeds for example.

Further is it just this one page? You need to design some variations, make your portfolio items link to some unique portfolio item layouts, same with the blog section.

Right now you couldn’t build a website with this, it’s rushed and incomplete. Find your design focus and make your work stick to that, and provide a complete product, not just a homepage with no accessory pages, even if this was accepted your sales would be next to zero.

Contact form doesn’t work, buyers would be very upset about this, trust me.

Please take the above constructively.


Thank you very much for great answer and good explanation, now i get it. I have 1 year of experience html, css and some javascript and i used js libraries. I dont know everything and i am 18 year old. Thanks! :smiley:

Now i know that i must to learn, more and more before selling