OpenCart theme partnership

Hi Guys,

We are ThemeBurn - one of the first OpenCart theme developers here in ThemeForest marketplace and we are looking for partnership. Our rich experience through the years helped us to create BurnEngine - a solid base framework that allows anyone to create themes for OpenCart without being familiar with the system.

What we offer:

  • Advanced OpenCart framework with thousands of features to power your elegant design
  • Professional help and guidance from our staff to get familiar with the framework
  • Handle all theme support. You can check
  • Provide regular updates (bugfixes and new features) to guarantee long theme life. Our oldest theme Shoppica is more that 4 years old and is still updated and selling.
  • Sell the item from our profile – Elite author with maximum profit rate
  • 35/65 (35 you 65 us) split of profit.

What we need:

  • Beautiful and practical webstore designs
  • Integration of the design using the theme framework
  • Insert a couple of sample products
  • ThemeForest and landing page design

If interested, please contact us from our ThemeForest contact form.


ThemeBurn team

please check my portfolio :

contact me via Skype: trantungkerry


I have PSD template. I am looking for a OpenCart Developer for partnership.

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Please check your PM