opencart audio player coder needed


hi there

i am still looking for someone to help code into my site an audio player

i am still working on the design and development

even if its some simple work done with the opensource jplayer

please no stupid financial requests, fair pay for fair work.

I will pay in installments, once i see evidence/screenshot of some work i can pay, when its complete i can complete payment. some people on here have wasted my time and ive had to open cases with Paypal for failure to deliver any evidence whatsoever.

please contact me asap its been too long now. Would really love to finalize my project so i can start adding content.


im still looking, coder urgently needed, please tell me what you can do and name your prices.


still looking. site is almost complete now i really really need a coder



I’ve visited your site and it looks really good so far. As a musician myself, I appreciate what you’re trying to do.

I’ve done some coding with OpenCart. Wouldn’t call myself an ‘expert’ in any way, but I have a pretty good understanding of how it all works. You can visit my author page to see what I’ve done here.

Please contact me either through my author page or at chris (@) as I have more questions and would like to understand more about what you need.

Best regards,