Open beta tests of my plugin - allowed?


Quick one. I am closing to the release of a new version of my plugin that is currently available on CodeCanyon. Changes are vast and I would like to give it to people for free for testing purposes before releasing the production version. I am also enrolled as an exclusive author with Envato.

In such case, can I organise free beta tests for my plugin and stay within the rules?


No, the only thing you could do here would be to find exisiting buyers of your plugin and use them as your testing group :slight_smile:

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Alright, I will try to do that then :slight_smile:

Thanks @tommusrhodus

Just to clarify… the reason you can;t do it is due to the rules of the forums, not anything to do with exclusivity. I.e. as the item isn’t yet on the site, you can do with it as you please, but the forum rules say that you can’t give stuff away for free or promote your items, which would essentially be the case here.

So you’re more than welcome to run beta trails, but just not through the forums. like tommusfhodus says, you could get in touch with exiting buyers.

One could argue the product is already on the site. I’m just publishing version 2.0. It’s still the same plugin I guess. Depends how you look at it. I won’t bother verging on this thin border between right and wrong and I will just do the best I can debugging it myself =)

Thanks for the input.

Ah right, sorry, I got confused and thought this was a new/unique item. Yeah, then it wouldn’t be allowed due to the exclusivity agreement as you’d be classed as giving away the item. You’re still ok giving it to exiting buyers as long as they’ve bought version 1 though.