Oops! Looks like we broke something.

How do we ‘report’ this problem? There is no easy way to contact envato. The status page says no incidents reported, because there is no way to report an incident. How do I get to my themeforest downloads or indeed any page on themeforest.net (except the home page) at the moment. Almost any link comes up with "Oops! Looks like we broke something. But don’t worry, we’re on it. Try refreshing this page, and check our Status page if we’re not back in a few minutes.
Still not working? Contact Support."
Scratch that, now I can’t even get to the home page without this error page coming up.

The Status page says everything is fine. Contact Support link just goes to the help center with a lot of knowledge base articles, none that I can (quickly) see address this issue. What the heck?

Same here!

Yes i saw same problem, it’s about 15 minutes, pls fix soon @xavierrusso

The Devs are aware and are investigating. Thanks!


Same Here !!

Error 503 here when i try to get access

So are photodune, audiojungle, videohive, etc.

I get a 503 error when I go to the websites.

Same here. 503 error

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. Same here!

I’m getting 503 service temporarily unavailable.


me too… i am getting the same thing

503 Service temporarily unavailable.

Same here
503 service temporarily unavailable.


item “Edit” page still unavailable !