Oops, didn't register the track to Identifyy yet but sold it already


So can I still do that?!

Or will this become a problem for the customer? :thinking:

Thanks in advance

Hi !

This is not a problem !
If your customer will have an issue with claim, he will be able to send you a message and will probably ask for a claim release.

But if you have enough information, you can try to find the video where the customer use your music and directly send this video to Identifyy to ask a release !

I hope this help !

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Ah great, thanks man!

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You’re welcome !

If you find the video, you have to go there and choose the right one

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Ah great, it’s that easy. Cheers Osynthw

Hi @TacitSoundProduction !
I don’t think this is a problem for honest buyers.

I recently registered there(Identifyy) and am gradually uploading tracks there.

P.S. Also, do not forget to leave hints in the description on the page with the track. :arrow_down:

Good luck! :wink:

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