Ooops My first item HARD reject Help me :)

I like your style on these! Two things I see that might cause an issue. 1) The amount of white space between your text (contact info section) and the edge of the card could be adjusted a bit (more whitespace). 2) It favors a company with the first letter starting with F. That limits your market a bit.

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Thanks for the good advice

No problem.

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i think that u should personally rather opt for inverted colors with the side where’s there’s only the logo for the other one, as the side where there’s the information is falling into what Nathan mentioned, when the other side is not so much into a f thing and this is a bit too bad , as it would wilder possibilities indeed. Apart from that, as for me , your card are lacking space in a general way with bottom edges and the fact that text is getting very close from them in both sides, combined with the fact that the side of information is having a"mass" of information looks not so good indeed … . If u can find a way to ligthen the text and make farther from the bottom edge, then the whole thing will look waaaaaaayyyyyy better indeed. I am also suspecting that envato is expecting for you to change typo and have something more elaborated instead of the one that u are using. But , u have a good base to work with , well done :wink:

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Well,I’m not a designer.So I will tell you my opinion from a buyers perspective.
I really like the bottom one.It has more color and it’s really good looking.
But the other one is just too white and simple.
If I was actually buying it,I would ask you to do the both sides in the style of the bottom one.
But that’s just my personal opinion.So you can ignore it :wink:


u are just confirming what i was saying lol so maybe u can be designer too lol :wink:

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Who knows? :smile:
I did some stuff at university in Powerpoint.Maybe I can master the PS as well :blush:

that’s not exactly the same but anything can be learnt anyway, u’ll just need much time and dedication to do … :wink: