Onwards and upwards

Hey people,

So it’s been a month or so since all 13 of my tracks were rejected. It’s pretty tough going when that happens & knocks the wind out of you, so to speak. First reaction is disheartening… that all the tracks that you spent months working on were what felt like being tossed to one side, garbage. Disheartening turns to a wee bit of annoyance that not a single track was worthy of being accepted.

You frantically type away in the forum questioning what is wrong with this or that track, trying desperately to find what the hell is wrong with your awesome works? Yep I did that too.

So after listening to them again, I can understand why some of them were rejected regarding mixing issues or arrangement issues, there is one which is quite frankly boring & I wonder why the hell I sent it for review in the first place. I still stand by a few of the tracks though, but hey, move on.

And that’s what this post is about really, for all new authors in the same predicament as me & moving on…

As much as you may feel disappointed, annoyed or thinking “what’s the point”, well stop it now and don’t give up so easily. It’s been said many times before in the forums but take a real good listen to those tracks again and consciously reference them against other top selling tracks & take note of the production, arrangement & instrumentation.

Does your track really compare, if so, then it sounds like its been one of those hard luck days & your track may have come after a bobby dazzler (awesome, amazingly good) track prior in the review queue, but I have a feeling that most of the time it really is going to come down to some major/minor issue with your track. Don’t take it heart.

I’m in the process of writing some new tracks, I have a few on the go at the minute and will have one hopefully finished by the end of the next week to upload, so fingers crossed and we’ll see how these new ones go. I must admit writing more ‘commercial’ tracks does not come easy to me, I’m much more comfortable making dissonant noise, soundtracks or metal/rock riffs, so this is learning curve.

I really wish I had started writing and uploading stock music years ago now. But we live and learn.

Onwards and upwards Junglers!


I like your attitude TwistedBoom. :slight_smile: This is a journey for most of us. Good luck on your new tracks!

rejections really break the heart, I am really sorry to hear that you had some bad experiences. But after 13 rejections you are still not giving up that’s great @TwistedBoom. Good luck for the approval of your upcoming tracks and tons of sales :slight_smile:

I liked your post @TwistedBoom; we all have to keep in mind that tracks are rejected for a good reason; as soon as you realize what that reason is, you can improve and make better music. There is a saying in my country: a kick in the as$ is a step forward :slight_smile: so yes, you give good advice : let go and move on. Best wishes!

That’s a great attitude, @TwistedBoom, and one that will get you where you want to be very soon. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off. :thumbsup:

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Rejections is always sad. But we must take himself in hand to write and write as much as possible and try to) 13 is not so much on the floor the way you can not stop! All the best!

Thanks Guys for the words and advice, I took a couple of weeks off to just relax while at my other non musical part time job. So now i’m back to writing and getting this other track finished off and uploaded, so we’ll see how this track goes. Hoping to have it mixed this week, so might be a wee while before its reviewed, in which time, I’ll crack on with the next! All the best guys.

Bobby Dazzler!