"Only three variation" what is this problem ?


I dont understand , What causes this problem?. and What is the solution ? please feedback.


your item should contain 3 or less styles/themes
You could seperate them to 2 items


What I remember, there was “at least” three styles limitation for upload, not the opposite. :open_mouth: :question:


thank you my friend for your feedback but I have my product different products. but I get a this warning.They are sending the link you sent.what should I do.I do not know how I’m going to upload.


thank you my friend for feedback but what should I do? example: I want to upload a frame mockup. main files in 8-9 piece.how upload to my products?


I cant imagine that big difference, cause if you make brandig mockup for example, there can be a shirt, pen and car included and still it has some common idea. Anyway so uplad the products separately and later you can make bundle.


I dont see it unusuall to have 8-9 frame mockups in one upload, but sometimes I also recieve strange soft rejections. So if you have received hard rejection answer, only way is to upload in maybe 3 items and then bundle it as I have said above… :slight_smile:


really thank you for feedback my friend you are good person but example http://graphicriver.net/item/frame-mockup/14696283 thish linksimilar to package.but different products.They’re giving me this warning.I dont understand the reason.because I previously uploaded.but now not accepted.


Yes yes I understand and know your mockups… You can submit a ticket to support, or just follow what reviewer says. Maybe you will get more sales with more lower price products finally :wink:

I had a rejections like “remove your copy info from preview image” while all my previews use to have copy info, or “remove video guide from upload” (which was 20mb) and same days two other mockups with video guide included were accepted by another staff member… :smile:


thank you my friend for your feedback.I’ll try again