Only similar



Looking for similar music

00.00 to 01.19



hey man ! i dont have this kind of vocal track to present but check this track from @Voidcore
i hope it fits


Thanks but I want similar feeling of vocal…it’s awesome in the video…can u pz find ?


this will be really hard to find ! because Must save jane is an industry giant and the vocals are recorded specific for this track ! i will try to find something similar but i dont promise anything !


Try those too from @Orchestralis

or this kinda differend track from me with more powerful vocal ending


Yes I know it’s very difficult to find similar music…thanks


I think this fits reasonably well. I can alter if you like.


Is it too late for this:



If similar music still needed:


Hi! If you are still looking maybe this will suit



listen Extended Version (first half) (beginning from 2:40)