Only hard rejections!! Well, just feast in my yard!

Happy New Year!!! Be creative and successful very motivated for your creativity!

Last year I wrote a theme that many projects in the past month has been denied, but it is actually much more difficult … until now I like blacklisted and started simply do not accept, or accept but, at best, in cases 1 project on month (for example, in October last year until today, was not taken 22 , a year more than 40).

I would not bring it up again, but it is not very nice when you are trying to write a lot, and zero sense from it.

And so, I would like to ask to comment on the correctness of the decision checkers. On this page I put all my frozen projects (and new variations) in a nearly 2-hour composition (all songs here for 2016 that have not been taken).

(Link bit strange and you still have to go to the page, and then there is just the latest project hangs in the other things he did not received …)

If you are not difficult, and if you have time and just have any desire to listen to all of this and express their opinions, whether bad or I have too formidable checker ??? !!! Should I continue to try to write (although the motivation has been killed in the region), or deal with it and score it all ??

Here is my portfolio

If you do not believe me, just look at it …

Thanks for the support … yes … even hoped in any form who will respond, yeah … still have !! Meanwhile previewers time do not lose … BLANKLY rejections of everything!!! I thank them for it! Just the same, the holiday !!


So i had a listen to the Epic cinematic hybrid song that is up on your soundcloud, since that is sort of my specialty… i thought it would be fair to judge that instead of categories i know less about.

It strikes me as a song that has no real structure.
The sound is not the best, not the worst, just okay… but i would begin looking at the structure… the base… the skeleton of the song.
It lacks a theme, it just goes from one part to another only to stop and to go into a new part that has nothing to do with the previous parts.

Try this instead:

  • Intro (subtle buildup with a strong theme)
  • Break (stop all, bassdrop or downer)
  • Buildup (get everything up to speed, stay with the theme and keep adding instruments/samples)
  • Break (another one? yes another one… video editors LOVE breaks!)
  • Finale 1 (the main theme, go all out here)
  • Break (again yes)
  • Outro (calm everything down, and keep in mind that editors will want to place their logo at the end, a nice swoosh or hit would work well).

Now the sound is okay, but also a reason for rejection, im sure.
Make it all sound bigger, give it more energy… work with MIDI CC control, add velocities, panning, control your volumes and make it all dynamic instead of flat. You want people to FEEL the energy, the tension, the aggression.

The strings that you open up with are okay, but they play the the same notes over and over again that it starts to sound too machinated and boring.
The synths that go along with the strings in the intro are cool… nothing wrong with them.
As soon as your main theme starts, it just lacks energy. use risers, cymbals, stronger hits, make it less weak.
Then as a BIG finale the braams come in to break it all down… cool idea, but the brass is weak… get a screaming synth in there with the same note and play them at the same time, double things up!
Get some fat hits as well in there, these horns without hits sound weak.
Again, this should be a BIG finale, make it big!

Then comes a entirely new part? Cut that out, just stop the song after the braams/horns/brass hits. perfect lenght for video editing.

hope this helps a bit, good luck and do not give up… you are almost there… just listen to the competition and learn from them.


Thank you! Yes indeed, thank you very much for such a distinct and clear explanation !!! I am very glad that there are still people who are willing to spend their time on the qualitative analysis!

I’m sure I will take all of the attention and try to remake the entire project as much as possible as far as I can !!

No problem at all! I wish you all the best with your music. Keep in mind, my advice is not the golden formula, but it can help I think. Good luck!

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