Online Brand check tool

Do you know a good online tool to verify brands (worldwide)? Something helpful when you have a startup idea and you wish to check if the brand is already taken…Thanks in advance!

Maybe here? You can search even by image.

I just saw this was 3 years ago LOL daaaaaamn :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: it was right before changing my old username.
I can’t believe either 3 years passed since then :slight_smile:

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They are already updating the topics set up for this year (topics that were left unanswered this year, as I understood) Forum Updates - Excuse our Dust

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I saw this post under " Can you help these people?" so I clicked and put answer :slight_smile: hehe

hevada - years are passing fast, few days ago I saw on my dashboard that I uploaded my last item 2 months ago - I was thinking it was maybe week ago, so I uploaded new bundle immediately just to feel ok hehehe

@Novocaina Good luck!

thanks but it is already accepted and it is on the market (yesterday) :slight_smile: hehe I am always trying my best with my works so 99% my items are accepted.