One Year Ago I Left Office


The very same day on 19th Nov the year before I left my office in logistics company. It was average (for little city) and stable manager’s salary. But I spent too much time with music composing and my music band, and my boss knew that and he offered the choice – music or job.

Last photo from my office I posted on the day of dismissal.

I didn’t know where to work and how to earn money being a freelancer. I tried to sell my hip-hop beats, tracks and texts. But everything I got – just 4-5 clients and about 100$ per month. Also I offered services of video editor, but still without a result.
I remembered that I have an account on Audiojungle (I registered in 2014) and decided to upload my first 3 tracks.

The very first track was named “Winter Is Back”
The mood of this melody is what I really felt that time. Hard times, troubles, doubts, cold in my soul and …it was also December and chilly enough.

And I forgot about AJ until April 2016.

First 5 months after leaving my office were the most difficult. I was unsure in my way. Some of my relatives asked me to find real job. Though I have been writing music since childhood, I am not master and expert. Particularly in mixing and mastering.

In April 2016 I opened my AJ profile again. 4 sales…4 SALES!!! On the one hand - Cool! Someone bought my tracks. On the other hand – 4 sales is ridiculous result. But I made a conclusion – need to focus on Audiojungle and this market. I started working hard. I made a track per day. Read articles about commercial music. Watched mixing and mastering tutorials. And it took effect in 3 months. 27 sales in July, 41 in August, 35 in September, 42 in October.

“Inspirational Epic”
inspired me well, because brought me 5 sales in the first week.

Track “Epic Beat” proved that I can create something valuable for other people. Now it’s my bestseller.

“Future Bass”
Is my little achievement, because it is used in this video for Envato contest:

I felt freedom. I was doing what I love and earn some money making music.
When I worked in office I had to wake up in 6.30 a.m. every day (except weekends). Now I can wake up when I really want (anyway I am trying to wake up not too late – 8 a.m. is my favorite time).
I feel freedom, because now I can work 1-2 hours or 12-15 hours without rest per day, instead of 8 hours everyday in office. I can rest and walk in the morning and work in the evening and vice versa. It depends only on me and my inspiration. I can write special commercial corporate track if I want to be in trend, but if one day I feel it’s too boring I can write some epic or dubstep track.
I feel freedom, because everything now depends on me. On Audiojungle you need to be not only composer but also good businessman to present your tracks on this market. I make preview for my tracks, sometimes I make a video with my music and upload it on my YouTube channel, also post tracks on Soundcloud, share news about my tracks on Twitter, Facebook and Vkontakte.
Now I am the boss to myself! And that’s what I call FREEDOM.

This year was difficult but interesting. Full of doubts but with many happy moments. And I don’t regret anything. Although I still have no so many sales and my office job could give me more money – this is nothing compared to feeling of freedom and happiness.
Now I have many things to learn. I am sure to have more sales I should increase the quality of my tracks, develop what people really need, and the main thing – communicate more!
I hope one day to open AJ page and see my track in top. That’s would be awesome!
And sure I want to listen my music in some Hollywood film or popular PC game. It would be WIN (because I am still at war against myself – composer vs second-rate musician).
Anyway my next step – develop quality, increase sales, got regular customers and earn more than in that damned office. Suppose I need patience and luck a little bit. If I you are not a sprinter it seems you are the distance runner)))

Last photo from my new humble but personal office.

Do what you love, don’t be afraid to take risks, work hard and one day Mr. Success will come to you with two beautiful girls – Freedom and Happiness.

I want to thank Envato and Audiojungle for this year. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Love the story and the journey! Thanks so much for your story :smiley:


Thanks for your story :wink:


Hi Vlad,

thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story. Wish you a lot of success. :slight_smile:



Thank you for sharing your story. The journey can be a rough one. However, may your passion and persistence continue to carry you forward along the road to success. :slight_smile:

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Nice one, Congrats :slight_smile:

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Awesome News and Inspiring Story!!

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Thank you!

Good story !

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This will be an Inspiration for many! Thanks for sharing and Good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Wow. Thanks for sharing your story. Just do what u love :slight_smile:

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So inspired story man. Congratulation for freedom. :smiley:

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Thank you for sharing your experience, @Vlad_INSIDE. It very motivates.
Good luck and good sales on audiojungle!

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@Vlad_INSIDE good on you man! I’m hoping to be able to do the same one day…Takes a lot of courage

Unfortunately i have to pay the mortgage… :frowning:

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Hi Travis, I hope you’re all fine and everything is allright there :slight_smile:
Don’t you think that this may be a great piece for an Envato Blog Post?


Inspiring story my friend. Keep up the great work! @Vlad_INSIDE

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Awesome, here’s to your continued success! :beers:

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Keep up the good work! Show them that you could live from your hobby :wink:

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Thanks for sharing. It is a special thing to be able to make music everyday:)

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Good luck to u too!