One track approved and then two rejected after that - What wrong?

Dear fellow authors,

I got my first track approved two months ago, it sold 3 times in a week, and then I have submitted two more that got rejected. I have a pile of tracks that I could submit but have not due to rejection.

I wonder what I am doing wrong since I thought I had reached a viable level after my first approval:

Rejected today:

Rejected last time:

I am also curious to know if you guys in general move on to the next track or go back and fix the previous track?

Any advice would be warmly welcome!

/ Carl

Hi, Carl! I listened “rejected today”. Amazing melody, great vocal, very inspiring mood. But it sounds like demo, not like professionally mixed track. Try to work with arrangement and mix it’s better and ti will be amazing corporate music track. I hope it helps you. Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply! Any specific things that make it sound too demo do you think? I am a bit lost on what to look for, think about and approve upon.

I think the problem is in the stereo panorama and the lack of high frequencies. Sounds like purposely stereo-compressed. Peace

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Someone else also told me about the lack of brightness. Thanks a lot!