One song Approved, 2 Rejected, help?

I recently uploaded 3 songs to Audiojungle, which I’ll link to here:

The Indie Rock song called “Deception” was the only one that made it through and I just don’t completely understand why, because in my mind “Deception” broke most of the rules I read about composing for this site: it’s not perfectly in time all the way through, it’s not always sung brilliantly, it hasn’t been mastered, it has a big pause in it, it has a big solo and nothing particularly new gets added as it goes along besides the middle eight. I just uploaded it because I liked the song.

So why was that the one they liked? I felt I did a much more solid job with the other 2 yet they were rejected with the comments “Doesn’t meet Recording/Mixing/mastering/composition/arrangement standards”.

Help? I want to get somewhere with this but I’m confused. Thanks!

  • Dan

Hey Dan,

Sorry to hear about your rejection. Just had one of mine rejected a few minutes ago… never easy… especially as there’s no feedback on why it was rejected. Anyway, I had a listen to your tracks and what I can offer you is this…

One Night Stand: There’s a loud hiss (guitar?) in this that sounds to me like a poor signal and it runs throughout the track.

Get Up: To me there seems to be a gap in the frequency spectrum… mid highs maybe? The guitars sound a bit muddy and same with the cymbals (can hardly hear them here).

I know it’s not much but I hope it helps. Good luck!


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Thanks I should be able to fix those, the guitars on Get Up do have a fairly hefty cut around 2000khz to let the voice through, I did that on Deception too, but maybe I did it a little too harshly on that track. It sounded like the Moderators thought there was more wrong with the composition of the songs too though so I still welcome comments from people on that. Thanks!

Hi Dan!

I like all of three songs - they are very nice.
I agree with Leith about frequency conflicts… and in addition would like to mention the loudness level - I think it is pretty low for AJ. As you may considered everybody tries the best making their tracks sound as loud as possible it can be done without clipping.
Probably it also makes sense to pay attention when you will enhancing your rejected tracks.
I 've just got my new track rejected also… so I’m also going to ask Envato’s community to help me understand why))
Don’t give up, you’re making great music!

Thank you, I have tried using limiters and such to improvement the loudness and I do sometimes hear some improvement but I often seem to lose the punch of the drums, I want to keep the snare and kick “sticking out” but can’t figure out how, but I’ll keep working on them!

I think for the drums you can try the following:

  • group drum tracks (kick+snare+hi hats, etc.) - it should be possible by any DAW I believe
  • apply glue compressor to the group
  • apply regular compression to snare and kick separately, or apply compression to the group - see what works better. I mean this drum compression to be used together with glue compression.
    Glue compression will make all drum instruments sound harmonically, while regular compression will add punch.

It is better to have separate tracks for each drum instrument - so you’ll be able to change parameters of each one even if you group them. Plus you’ll be able to work with group parameters in addition.

Hope it helps))