One payoneer account / More account

Hi guys.I have Payoneer account which I’m using it in my account. And I want to open second account and use the same payoneer account with it. Is it possible or I should get new payoneer acrd ?



You can’t use two payoneer account/card for envato market one author account!
If you want to create another or 2nd payoneer account you have order payoneer card also for your transection.

hope you understand.

you want to open a new non-exclusive account?

No , Want to sell html templates in second account.


keeping things fair for all authors envato encourage you to work from one account as it helps to build account reputation, as well as customers’ trust.
Authors are not allowed to have more than two accounts - one exclusive, and one non-exclusive.

Am I Allowed to have Multiple Author Accounts?


You can use one payoneer account with two envato account.

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I can or Can’t ? Because you have two answers :slight_smile:

I have said that two payoneer account can’t use for one envato account payout.
But one payoneer account can use for two envato author account payouts.

Hope you clear.