One Page to Multi-Purpose - 2 Item possible?

Hi Community, i Need your suggestion. I have a HTML approved Template on ThemeForest, one Single Page.

I have make subpage with Blog, Courses, Events and a lot more.

It is possible to submit new html Template with The Title Multi-Purpose? Design is The same!!!

Or i Need to Update approved Item with 2 Folder OnePage/index.html and multipurpose/index.html

Thank You for help!

Update the existing one -

  • improves the value of the item
  • prevents potential confusion
  • prevents back lash from existing customers etc.

Thank You. And The title can i Change? I need to add to title keyword Multi Purpose, its posible? THX

Adding the tags etc. should be ok as well as tweaking the title (I think), but you won’t be able to entirely rename the item

Thx After Update we get 2 more Sale.