one on one setup your items with the items team.

this is frustrating :rage: i bought theme and i request 1 hr one on one setup while we connecting screen browser using my account and i offer him 50$ per 1 hr, but they said dont offer this kind of service ((i dont blame them)), but i end request freelancer from out and he couldn’t do anything :joy: .
my suggestion each author need to have this kind of service …

u guys know how painful to keep open ticket for everything small or big and wait for days or hrs to get answer :rage::rage::rage:
i only made this year 7 websites, i could make 30 websites were in my list if this service was available.

It’s something that is not and almost certainly will not ever be allowed as being able to offer or market bonus services etc. gives unfair advantage between different authors as a result of something that is beyond their control.

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i understand, but with this service we could settle everything with one shot, its better than keep opening tickets and look everywhere in the documents, this could save time for both customers and authors.

It’s partly what envato created (vetted freelancers) for.

Aside from offering these services being against promotional guidelines:

  1. unfair competition means more authors will leave = worse choice for buyers

  2. more people asking for the service creates more delays or greater strain on author teams and a likely worse service

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i totally agree with you, i was just sad bcz i had 30 web to finish it this year but i made only 7 :joy: at the end its my fault as for not been expert with all the themes, i was just frustrate that moment only :joy::joy::joy:
it wasn’t request anyways, just suggestion.

cheers man