One of the buyer changed code in my script

One of the buyer changed code in my script in the footer section…

Is it allowed?

What happens next ?

Is he/she valid for support ?


Here is the link !!

envato customer can customie/change any purchased item according to their need to use the item for their end product. But customer can’t make the customization script belongs to their own copyright. All items copyright in envato market belongs to the original item author.


@mgscoder but @enlight-tech is asking about support. If user should get support or not now after making changes???

@galaxy-theme customer must will get support according to envato market Item Support policy. customer can customize item as they need. but customization job is not part of the support.

Technically this would be customisation and beyond support

That said it’s probably worth having a look and assessing the complexity to help

@mgscoder so nice of you :wink:

@mgscoder my question here is …

Suppose if the buyer changes the code … And now he/she has some bug in that still we have to solve their problem ??

And the buyer completely changed the footer section.
Anyhow footer was customisable in the script itself they removed designed and developed by enlight technologies that is hurting me.


as I mentioned customer can ask and author are responsible to:

Answering technical questions about the item (and included third party assets)

Customization they can do from their side but can’t force you to do the customization work or fix any customization bugs. but again they can ask you technical questions about the item to fix any bugs or integrate any new features.

So, customization bugs fixing is not author responsibility but author can assist (technical suggestions) them to fix.

Please check Item support policy you will get details there.


@mgscoder ok i’ll have a look… Thanx anyways !! :innocent: