One of the best efficient ThemeForest author is Edge-Themes, they are so fast at publishing good looking wordpress do they do it?

One of the best efficient ThemeForest authors is Edge-Themes, they are so fast at publishing good-looking WordPress themes…how do they do it?

Average per month they have 3 WordPress themes which is unimaginable, where we cant even output 1 WordPress in less than 2 months and their theme looks good, does anyone know how they manage the total process? I am looking forward to learning better production management to publish themes as fast as possible.


The real question is how big is team? And you will get your answer :slight_smile:

Yes big+they are efficient i also have a small team my head dev takes 3 months to publish a medium size wp theme so my cost is much higher per product then Edge-Themes - i wish they shared the equation with designer+front end dev+backend dev and how they manage the deadlines also their team members must be really good.

I don’t know about them, but we are two man team - designer + developer and we are doing just simple, minimal themes and can provide one theme per month - WP + HTML
(we have more projects outside the ThemeForest).

Nice, 2 people 1 year 9 items is a good start - but nowadays ThemeForest is very hard to survive, being only in TF is a bad decision without having side projects.

We are 4 members, we are having tough time only focusing on TF.

If you’re coding from scratch, it’d take time but if you’re using the existing code and make changes on the front-end, it usually takes 1-3 days for me to finish one :slight_smile: but this is for minimal themes. If you have something complex, may take long

Yes we normally start from PSD and use our existing wordpress framework but all our pages are different per theme as they are for different purpose - but 3 days to finish a theme is very fast i must say. Edge-Themes are very fast for different types of themes yet they look great.

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