One of five approved.

Hey. Congratulations to all the innovations in “Aj”

Today I received the answer where said, that these four track " not commercial." What are they missing to become commercial?

They all sound great. Nice mixing and the sounds/synths are good. I had a listen to the track that AJ accepted and it’s awesome. Well done with that, it’s a really great track and a cool modern sound with a nice eastern flavour. I think the main difference between that one and these four is to do with repetition and variety.

Silver Cloud has the same 4 bar chord sequence throughout and essentially the same bass line. There are some different musical ideas that work well together and sound great, but introducing them and dropping them out at different times and varying the transitions between them isn’t enough to stop the track from sounding samely when the core of the track is essentially unchanging.

Deep Love suffers from largely the same issues as Silver Cloud. I like the vocal licks, they give the track a nice dark trip-hop vibe, but I feel like these also begin to get tiring after a while over the static backing.

Slide, to me, sounds like a backing track. While listening, I was imagining some nice vocal lines and hooks over it. I think you could re-work this as a pop song with some provocative lyrics and a good female vocalist.

Bad Character has one chord from start to finish. The music around that chord does great things to make it sound as interesting as it can be, but at 24 seconds I was hoping for some harmonic movement, but it never happened.

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I am looking for inspiration on the Internet (YouTube, coub, social networks, etc.). I watch bloggers and listen to what kind of music they use in their projects. I’m trying to make music that people are hearing at the moment.

At the same time, I try to use techniques that are welcome on the “Aj”. as a result, for more than 2 years I can not move forward… I got the impression. what if I’m filing a cinematic track, it must be written by a live orchestra, etc. I do not understand for what sins komne such requirements? I do not complain about the period of my nervous disorders on this occasion-have passed, but still I still do not understand…

This is not about your comment. I have expressed my vision of what is happening. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve taken note of it. :+1: