One more Soft Reject. Please help

I had one more soft reject. Here is it:

Comments from your Quality team

VISUAL HIERARCHY: The visual hierarchy of this item requires additional work. Focus on better defining which areas of this item should demand more attention and creating a logical structure to the design. For more information, please read:

TYPOGRAPHIC HIERARCHY: The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work. For more information, please read:

And link demo

I really need help, please))

Yes, your spacings are not that good. Add more space between those Demo buttons and illustrations. Also Our Features is a bit too close to the “Design” text. Also on demos, don’t squeeze the bigger headline font so close to the paragraph text (“Inna about Alex”) also ‘Love Story’ and “How we decided that we must be together forever!” and paragraph text below are really too close and don’t look elegant at all. More space there also and do this throughout you whole layout.

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Thanks for your answer:blush: And what do you think about typography?

Typography need more work for sure , Maybe you can try a different font size for the content section , Sub-headings and captions , You can also try to add more space to the paragraph sections …

This could be helpful

Good luck.

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Thanks, I’ll try