One more sale and I'm part of the elite club, yey!

One moooorreeee!! At last! I’ll be part of the elite club! Thank you very much for my customers and plugin users.


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Very cool!

When the moment comes, ping me and I 'll get you access to the Elite Slack channel (we currently have 150+ members, all Elite authors on Envato).

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Will do :slight_smile: Looking forward to that!



Congrats :smiley: I need about 50 sales more to reach it :wink:

Thanks pre :slight_smile:

That’s not too many :wink: Looking forward for you to be part of the elite club soon!


YEY! Just got the sale! haha . Still waiting for the badge though :smiley:

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Congrats pre! :smiley:

Thanks pre! :slight_smile: