one more rejected item

Hello guys.

Like many others, we are trying to get new item approval.
This is our script and we would like your most valueable appreciation.

Preview Version:

Tests Version:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Best regards.

I will reply myself.

I believe that these are new orders from the new Envato board.
As you know, now there is a new CEO from our market, and with this, ideas and strategies change.
Also with the huge number of files coming in, they try to be more selective and which files are uploaded.
I believe they want to maintain the quality and service. Due to this who cannot keep up the latest trends won’t be accepted. Which i agree. We should keep up the trends. But like other authors started to build up a script along time ago, and the trends tend to change. And now authors are the sacrificed ones that need to get their hand all over the projects again and try to refurbish them into the new standards.

It really sucks and It’s frustrating for authors but we need to keep moving along with the tide.

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With all due respect but this design is VERY far from required standards (both frontend and backend) and that has absolutely nothing to do with the new CEO or whatever, this design wouldn’t be approved ten years ago.

Thank you @LSVRthemes .

We’ll review all the standards for a new project.

Best regards.

Yeah :grin::grin: That’s Good idea replying self.

I will follow this.

Apart from this you need to work on front end with modern design ( I am not expert in it)

Document can’t be reason of hard rejection ( it always goes soft)

Reason behind hard rejection :-
-Lack of content
-Responsive layout
-Less Features

May be more depends on reviewer not taking ganja at that time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I guess your right @Subrominda .

About features, I’ve work around all the most used features for websites used right now.
But I understand that the design might be a bit weak.
I’ll have to go through many changes to get this script to be accepted.
Well… it’s life…

Best regards and thank you for sharing your thoughts.