One month back purchased

I purchased one Android video editor App from last month and currently it is not available in the portal. It has one dependency which the author has mention in his document as below
C) How to customize project

  1. UI
    User can change package name and replace UI images in res/drawable.

  2. Set output path
    User can change the output path in
    public static final String OUT_FOLDER_PATH = “/sdcard/your_path”;

  3. Use So files
    To change package name, buyer have to send me new package name and class name that contain JNI function.
    So i will send you changed so files for you.
    For multi licence, provide JNI function sources too.
    The point no. 3 is the dependency, which need to be fixed. If you are able to resolve it kindly contact me. My email id is [email removed by moderator]

Thank you.

you can contact with that author who create that item with item purchase code hope they can help you.
If he didn’t help you then contact with Envato Support Team.

Hope you will get solution.


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