One Important Question

Hello, I want to add titles pack on videohive. I locked all text layers (Which are only editable through extention). In this case, This item will rejected or approved?

Or should I unhide all text layers so anyone without extension, can edit them… :\

Hello. Rejection or approval will not depend on what you have mentioned. It depends on quality, usability, design, motion, etc.
Besides, it’s impossible to give you any feedback without a preview.

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As you can see in this screenshot everything is locked & hidden. But only accessible using “Motion Factory” extension.

If I see only a screenshot (no motion), all I can say is that design is very basic if you take into consideration the huge amount of projects like this already approved on videohive.

Hi, I think for the best usabily of all users I would unhide the text’s. Also even if you keep the texts hidden I would consider adding text font changing and text size options. I think these are kind of important :smiley:


I contacted senior videohive reviewer, this is what he said…

The Motion Factory extension can only be offered as an option. The files must be provided in a way that the customer can use everything without needing to install the file management extension.

@GoForMotion @Atamotion btw, thank you for helping my dear friends.