One image, multiple blog posts, same website... same license?


I have an Evanto Elements license and I’ve got a question regarding the license use.

I’m planning on using the same image in multiple blog posts on the same website. My question is:

  • Should I create one license for each blog post in which the image is displayed or just the same license for all the blog posts in which the image is displayed (always displayed on the same website)?

Thank you!

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I would like to know that too.

You should download/license per post - but it really depends when you plan to use it.

As you can’t stockpile items then if you were just using the image as part of a one off build of the site and populating all post at that time, then you could probably get away with one license.

But if you plan to use the image again in the future in new posts then you definitely need to be subscribed and relicense for that.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I wanted to clarify this to use it according to the rules.

In my case, I use the same photo as a feutured image on more blog posts. According to the answer, it is quite clear that it is safest to have different license for every single post where the picture appears.

Thanks again.

That sounds sensible especially if there are more ‘new’ posts in the future.

If in doubt you can always ask official support. Envato Elements Help and Support