One door closes another one opens

Recently I submitted two jazzy Christmas tracks to AJ. Seven days later they were reviewed and “rejected”. I have no problem with that because I’m use to getting that vague rejection email. The following day I submitted the same tracks to another library and they were accepted a few hours later as part of their holiday music campaign. I’m happy to report that those tracks are already generating sales and my portfolio continues to grow with interesting music on this site. So to all the authors who have had tracks rejected. The AJ reviewers are not always right. The consumer is the ultimate reviewer because they are the one who actually purchase our music if they like or if it fits their needs. Don’t dwell over rejected tracks. Resubmit them to other libraries. Alexander Graham Bell said it best “When one door closes another one opens”.


but it is possible to do like that also if u set the profile like “only envato seller”? or it is related just to songs submitted on here that can be sold just here?

Exclusivity only applies to any tracks/songs you submitted here. The artist can still release his tracks anywhere else as long as the tracks are different.

thanks you so much.Could you suggest me some other “door to open”?