One click satisfaction survey WP / PHP


I’m looking for a Wordpress plugin or PHP script that can retrieve customer reviews by email in one click.

I did some research and the idea is similar to the solutions proposed on

the general idea is to be able to send an email to my customers by asking them a simple question: “Are you satisfied with our service?”
They have the choice to click on 3 smileys: “Excellent service / things could be better / Not great at all”

when the customer clicks on a smiley, he is then redirected to a web page that collects the answer + email address. The administrator of the site receives an email to warn him that an answer has been received, and when he connects to the interface he can have a summary of the answers, the details of the answers of the statistics …

Do you have suggestions of scripts / plugins to share with me ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can check this category:

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