One approved and one hard rejected

Surprising !
The same day
The same composer (Erik Satie)
The same pianist
The same production
The same sound

AJ decision :
One approved : [Gnossienne 1 (Erik Satie)]
One hard rejected : Gymnopedies 1 (Erik Satie)

Probably not the same curator?

Apparently, some AJ curators have too weak an artistic sense, which is unfortunate for AJ and for the composers.


*it happens.

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Yes, c’est la vie.

I’d suggest not playing stuff like Satie to a metronome. I had a listen to your Gnossienne and the tempo seems pretty rigid. I think this kind of music needs to be freed from a DAW grid. If your Gymnopedie was also played to the grid, I’d guess that could have been a reason for rejection since a rigid tempo wouldn’t allow the kind of expressive phrasing that the piece needs to really shine.
Obviously, this is just my opinion and I’m just guessing, but I hope that helps.

Thanks for your feedback, you are probably right.
I am not a specialist in this kind of music, nor in others.
My remark is only on the difference of treatment of the two musics.
Your portfolio is absolutely beautiful!

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