One accepted, the other was not.

Hi, I submitted two tracks. One was accepted while the other was not and after reading the “tips”, I’m still not sure why. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

link is not working, can’t play

Thanks for the heads up. Please try it now. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

You’ve got some great skills!

I think the best thing to do with this track is really get in touch with your editorial sense and simplify. Pick the style you want to work in and go with it. There are some modern elements peppered in, but the E-major section is starting to get into a soft rock feel. My sense is that you have live-sounding drums and guitar, so maybe the thing to do is to make the track more band-like. Also the E-major section is a pretty radical key change for AJ, you might consider going to E-minor instead. As the relative minor to G-major, that will translate better and be less abrupt. Also try moving around the bass line a little bit and get it off the root now and then.

Good luck!

  • Nathan

All excellent points! Thank you.

The reason for the key change was that I had originally submitted this track to a request that had reference tracks. Both tracks had these sorts of key changes. Maybe I’ll save it for something else. But good to know for future tracks.

mixing is problematic, the kick has no punch or bass at all. some level balance is required, some are very loud, some very low. I hear some kind of distorted violin at 1:10 , which is pretty outdated for me. I would add some modern layers with it too and its too loud.
All mix needs better balance and removal of mud of 140-300 Hz if you do
drums are lost, many sounds are loud. Hope I helped Good luck! Also arpeggio strings at ending are very bad sounding, like they have boosted at 4k a lot. try to flatten the sounds in frequencies first and then you choose where to add or remove

Thank you! I thought the mix may have had something to do with it. I’ll fix that but can’t resubmit …oh well. Thanks for the input though.

you can resubmit if the difference is high, if you believe its worth it do it! :slight_smile:

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