Once Again New Theme Submission Requirements

Again, after the 3rd soft reject we are receiving new comments and fixes to do. The latest thing is:

Please remove all occurrences: http://imgur.com/a/CXE0S and http://imgur.com/a/AYOQd, etc.
Using die() will prevent the user from changing themes after activating yours if their PHP version is wrong.

Can someone point out what must be used instead of die()? Should the wp_die() function be used or is it again not allowed?

P.S. So many years has passed and there is still NO Official Theme Submission Requirements Document where all the authors can see and adjust their themes. This is absurd - we are again losing one month in waiting for the theme to be approved. Even though we are an elite author this doesn’t help much - every time new reviewers, with new requirements, and new small details that continue to delay the themes approval.

P.S.2. Also it would be great if we can choose the time the theme goes to the market after it is approved. After you submit one can only wait and hope the theme to be approved and listed in the market at the best time time for us. Not to mention that this makes marketing and advertisement nearly impossible to do.

Just occurred to me - die() can be used in the core Wordpress files, but cannot be used in a theme?

What can be used then?