On the eternal debate of exclusivity.

Hello everyone,

After long months waiting for a change in the current situation, September has filled my glass.
It is no longer useful to have faith.
I think it’s a good time to try your luck in other places.
Audiojungle has meant a lot to me.
Grateful for the opportunity he has given me as an author.
However, I think I am forced to diversify my portfolio.
It has been a work of more than 5 years here, and it is difficult to deal with these results (2 sales in September) with a portfolio of 265 articles.
I know this is one of the eternal debates here, but I would appreciate your opinion and support anyway.
It is an important moment.
I need this to work, for my files to see the light in other places.
I would love to continue with the pink diamond logo, but I think it makes no sense to me.
Do you think that with my number of articles I could be lucky?
Thank you very much to the whole community for being so warm.
It is not a farewell, but a change in search of new horizons.
Any advice or comments on this thread or by private will be welcome.
I can share with pleasure the information I have been gathering as a result of my research.
Thank you very much in advance.
Good luck friends

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I believe the trick to get some visibility/sales is not in the number of tracks in your folio, but in the ability to constantly upload new material. Keep those fresh tracks coming every week, and sales will grow. :wink:

Hi Soundset,
I have had that ability for many years, but now there is no motivation to put all the eggs in the same basket.
I think it’s a good time to diversify for me.
Then I would go up regularly again.
But with more options.


I would like to know, those that already diversify, if it seems appropriate to put everything at once on one site and so on, or on the contrary go uploading a certain amount of files in parallel per week in several sites at once.

I am not an exclusive author, so it’s not so scary, and it makes sense to try different options and think what will be better for you.

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