is this possible to create a promotion like this manually, or is it a campaign?

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is it a campaign based tag and can be created by envato team during the campaign time.

Certain authors were given the opportunity to participate in a beta test of a sale/promotional feature. It may be implemented for the broader marketplace in the near future.


OK, thank you!

Hey Motion ! i just notice that my sales tag is not there, so nobody can see that the low price of the item is because of the sales… what is going on?

This is the file.


@Realthing-Templates its there

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It’s a test. Someone see “on sale” tag, other don’t. Try to look at your items in “incognito” mode.


@steve_lam @BenLeong on sale tag has a bug


@realthing Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge or details of how the sales promotion works, I only know that it was an opportunity for certain authors to take advantage of.

If you feel there is an issue that needs to be looked into, please contact Envato Support.

@Muse-Master there are bound to be bugs with any beta launch. Please contact Envato Support with any issues you’re experiencing, and I’m sure they’ll be grateful for your feedback.

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To me doesnt appears…

Thanks man

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Thanks Muse :slight_smile:

@Muse-Master Thanks for letting us know! Our developers are currently looking into that issue.

@Therealist_Shop This feature is currently being tested on AudioJungle and VideoHive. It’s a split test, which means that you may see one of the new variants, or you may see the unchanged “control” version.

There are several price display features in development at the moment. Once these are ready for an official release, we’ll be posting a release notification in the Envato Announcements area.


Great, thank you! We are looking forward to this development. Can I join the test group? How do I enter?

great idea