On Intro music for You tube

I have found music (stomp clap opener) that I want to use as my default intro for my all my you tube videos. I’m assuming that since all the videos I will be making will be under one channel, thus qualifies for the ‘video series’ requirement.

  1. Do all video under on You tube channel qualify to be called ‘video series’ ?
  2. If it does then the standard license covers that, right?
  3. If it doesn’t fit the ‘video series’ requirement does that mean a new license for each video?


  1. Videos that are part of series should be related (ie, same topic, or same format,…). If your videos could be seen as episodes on your channel, then the series policy should indeed apply. Please note that there is a limitation on the number of videos you can publish with one license, as well as a time period during which you can publish videos. Indeed, the series policy allows for up to 52 videos within a year from the first upload. If you want to publish more than 52 videos you’ll have to get another license. If you want to publish videos more than a year after the first video was publish you’ll have to get another license.

  2. The standard license is the one you want for YouTube use, indeed.

  3. If your videos do not fit the series requirements, then they would be treated as separate videos and you’d have to get a license for each.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you, for clearing that up.
Last question, is it possible to buy a song completely and obtain all rights on this site ?

A full buy-out is not possible as per Envato’s terms.