OMG Who are selling Music here ? Hans Zimmer,Thomas Bergensen?

It’s irony!!

My Epic Celtic was Rejected!!

Yes, probably is not the best one but has the same potencial than others ones here.

You should think about it.


In my opinion deserves acceptance: the melodies and the mood in general are so cool and work everything really good in the celtic way. The only thing I would avoid is 1:30 transposition in my opinion (just my 2 cents). I wouldn’t think so much about the rejection and continue working on more material. Sometimes hard rejections in some items for whatever unkown reason are just unavoidable


Wow, this is awesome! It must just be a stylistic thing, although I’d love to hear you do a light ‘B’ section with say, a hammered dulcimer and hand percussion or something like that.

That said, this track belongs on Age of Empires, hands down!

  • Nathan
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Great track!

Not enough low end in my opinion, especially after 0:38.
Also, modulations like at 1:31, are usually frowned upon at AJ and may be a reason for rejection.

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Hi, nice track, good composition and arrangement. In my opinion the biggest problem is in instruments selection:

  • strings after 1:00 sound very unnatural and I think this was the biggest reason
  • main drums could have more punch, they are little flat
  • more low insturments
  • such celtic style has a tendency to sound cheesy for me and it’s really hard to get folkish timbre without real instruments. Especially with a such chord progression.

Maybe too much high frequencies in the mix, but I’m not sure. This is just my first impression. Great celtic composition btw.


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In my experience, AJ frowns upon blatantly fantasy material that is not very usable for other things. Otherwise great track. If you got the “Trending style” list on the rejection email well… you get the hint.

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Flute and bagpipes play like not real! That is why there was a refusal and not enough epic power! And not enough stereo panoramas!

The Clever…
It has enough stereo panorama,it has enough epic power and of course it is vst instruments so it’s no real play…
You’re boring