OMG I really can't believe I have another question on uploading


There was a company some years ago that had me make loops.

let’s use 120 BPM, I made the loop for so many short measures,
(2, 4, 6 measures), with the intent the the client would make it REPEAT,
I did not repeat the music, as the final work.

when I submitted it, it was not heard as a loop, it was a clean straight pass
1 time… BUT when the listener put it in their DAW, etc.
it was seamless so when they looped it at the same BPM that was their loop.

Question,… Does AJ mean they want a perfect cut, for the buyer to be able to loop the music?
or do they want me to loop it a few times, and if so, how many times?
i looked and found nothing about this on this AJ site .

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^This. Just take whatever makes sense from a musical standpoint, cut it so that would loop seamlessly and you’re good.

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i took the chance and did that, already.
my patience was short.
if I got rejected, it would have been my fault, but it just made sense, like you said.
thanks for the confirmation