OMG! Hold me! My first sale!

Thank! I am very pleased :sunglasses:

Oh, I hope so! Thanks, Nathan!


Thank you for your support! Your work is awesome! They give inspiration!

Congrats !! :partying_face:

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Big congratulations @BLOOMMELODY :smile: We’re lucky to have you.


thank ! I heard your music, you are a great pianist! :clap:

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:smiley:Thanks a lot! In reality, I was so lucky with you! The thought that I belong to such a community makes me happy! :pray:

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Congrats :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

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Thanks so much!!!

Congratulations …

BTW did anyone else noticed the decline in sales ever since the COVID-19 has hit worldwide…

I used to sell more than 4 scripts on an average and so is with my icons work it was more than 2-3 sales on an average daily basis… but now i am seeing a constant decline in sales…

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Thanks a lot!
Well, this is my first sale, and I do not follow the sales of other players. It’s hard for me to draw conclusions. However, there is a point in your words. Now you can see a decline in sales in many industries. I hope the situation will improve soon! Everything will be fine :wink:

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Congrats !!!

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Thanks a lot!!!

yes i hope that things get better

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Me too, thank you.

yes everything will be alright soon

Most welcome

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Thks! i hope so!