Сollaboration (You compose. I mix)


Hi all! This topic is for everybody on AudioJungle, who’s tracks sometimes being soft rejected based on mixing/mastering quality requierements or for those who wants to boost their sales making their tracks sound superior.

I hope this topic won’t be taken as self-promotion. I don’t promote my tracks. I want to help you to sound better.

Here’s an example of mixing and mastering:
Before: http://jmp.sh/v/g54KMdcsAe4eMaUcn0bk
After: http://jmp.sh/v/b5IAm2kOtxKVYtZAqnVg

I can post more examples if you want.
If you’re interested, PM me. My username on AJ is the same as here.


The problem is that those tracks are mostly rejected because of how the instruments sound, not how they are mixed/mastered. In other words: poor handling of midi and bad choices of instruments/sounds/samples.


Not necessarily true. I’ve had a poorly mixed track rejected (hard rejected) way back when I started, and once I had improved the mix it was accepted. Granted, it is often due to commercial usability and sound quality that tracks are rejected, but poorly mixed tracks will get rejected as well. Mixing can often be the difference between a borderline track and a good track, or a good track and a great track.

I’m confident with my ability to mix and produce myself, but for those just starting out or those more geared towards the composing side of things, this could be a great idea!


Yes! I know it! I always ask for midi tracks so I could replace the sounds with more suitable or more realistic sounds.


Then that’s a good idea, but prepare for a lot of work… Were you thinking a fixed fee or percentage of sales? I assure you, many people have offered this before but authors are generally not very interested in paying to have their tracks finished as most don’t make that much money.


I think both: percentage or fixed fee. Depends on what the author thinks is better for him/her.


The problem is that only top authors are sure that they will sell enough of any track to make it worth paying someone for mixing/mastering, and if they’re at that level they already know how to mix and master well…