Olexandr got rejected. Thoughts?

Hello guys! :slight_smile:

Now when I got your attention, I really need your honest opinion!

What do you think make AJ reviewer to consider this track as not enough commercial composition/arrangement quality for AJ?
Especially considering the fact there’s a lot of cr*p that slips through review and is getting approved.

Is it that bad? Is it good and it’s a mistake by reviewer? Share what you think! :thinking:

Here’s the track:


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I see no reasons for rejection.
It’s very strange that you got hard reject after more than 1k tracks

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I see no reason for rejection also,maybe the reviewer had a bad day or something :confused:


Sounds great! I could (would love to) actually use something like this for my upcoming theme intro video. Hopefully I’ll find something similar enough. :frowning:

It’s really sad seeing loads of crap approved (not only on AJ but also TF), while great items are being rejected or soft-rejected numerous times for totally non-sense reasons.

I am not a musician and rarely comment on AJ related topics, but I would be the first to buy this track if it’s approved for sale.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in similar style you can check this one

The funny thing is I like the rejected one more. :joy:

It sounds more energetic and “richer” (sorry for my unprofessional terms). The “Stomps And Claps” is good too, but sounds a bit “flat” compared to “Percussive Energetic Upbeat Sports”. Doesn’t have the same “energy” and overall feeling like the rejected one.

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I agree! This is funny actually :smiley:

Is it possible it sounds too close to something else on AJ?

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I don’t know about that. It wasn’t the reason they hard rejected it anyway.


I’ve had a few percussion tunes hit hard reject as well. I presume it’s a genre thing - reviews might have hard time figuring out what percussion tune is commercially viable and what isn’t. It’s the only thing I’ve come up with. Maybe they think that these kinds of tunes are either too simple or repetitive even when that is exactly the point :slight_smile:


Maybe that’s the case! So yes, and it’s a bit frustrating considering that a few people already contacted me saying they wanna license this tune right now. :slight_smile:

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It sounds fine to me! It’s very punchy, but not overpowering. The short reverb tails really suit the track.

Also, how do you embed SC in your post like that? I’ve been looking it up online, but I can’t figure it out! :frowning:

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I think that this sounds very good. Strange solution of the reviewer.

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Hey man it’s really simple - just go to a ‘share’ menu and paste a link from there! That’s what I did :slight_smile:

Mysteries of Faith

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Olexandr got rejected? Robert’s gast is flabbered.

Seriously, all sounds decent from my end… i can’t understand why is rejected.

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This is a good quality track, all cool!

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I think it is good track for AJ. :blush:

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I have no idea why :slight_smile:

BTW the beginning is quite similiar to one of the stomp best sellers :wink:


This is a very cool track. I can’t believe it got rejected! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

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