Old WP Themes are back in Weekly Tops after updates.



When you’re kicked out from weekly top sellers, it’s almost unreal to get back in. It looks interesting when themes created in 2013 or even 2010 are back in tops with huge weekly sales. For example Kallyas or Striking MultiFlex that were out for years. So what’s the trick? )


I wonder also.


Perhaps @hogash can explain :slight_smile:


He can but won’t :wink:


interesting, what gives?


Sure! After some bad decisions in the past years, unnecessary relax and sales going straight downwards i decided to totally rebuilt Kallyas (in terms of design, code, features, presentation etc.). Me and my colleague spent around 6 months ( last summer was the most awful ever, straight work, no vacation, nothing) and in September we launched the major update. As i expected (i admit, a bit nervous) sales went back upwards with 0 advertising for at least 4 months. I always though this theme had a lot of potential, great traffic, and ironically did nothing to put it back on its feet, until last year. As it turned out, it was the best decision in a long time.

So, for Kallyas there was no trick, just hard work and efforts. It’s currently my main focus with constant updates and new features.

Surprise! :wink:


Thank you for reply! )


This an extrimly valuable information. Thank you