Old upload tool.

The old download tool does not work (Old upload tool.). Constantly gives the error: Please review the following issues that occurred
• Preview Image is required
• Preview Image must be 1920x1080px or 2560x1440px.
Please correct Sincerely Mr-Mic2

Are you uploading 1920x1080px or 2560x1440px ?
Old size 590X332px doesn’t work anymore

I load the old size: 590 by 300 … so I always did …

That’s the problem. Forget about the old size. Use only one of the new sizes 1920x1080px or 2560x1440px


Thank you.

It’s worth pointing out that, currently, the instructions tell authors to use 590x332. It’s only when you get to the submission form that you realize it has to be 1920x1080px or 2560x1440px.

Where did you find the instruction that says that you need to use 590x332?
When you choose your files for upload, it says «1920x1080 or 2560x1440»

That’s what I said. :wink:

However, the “Step-by-Step Guide” currently says:

See: “A step-by-step guide to the upload process

Reason: long-term habit of shipping a preview of 590 by 300. Inattention and English are not my native: used to display previews from 1920x1080 at 590x300. Immediately did not understand the game of words. and bewildered that the “Step-by-Step Guide” still offers the old format of the preview … Once again, many thanks to all

That’s why I asked :wink:

I did not know that there is a “Step-by-Step Guide”. When I was a newbie, I was helped by the colleagues and YouTube :slight_smile:
Yep, it’s really strange that they didn’t fix this “Step-by-Step Guide”

We’re looking into having it corrected as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing this up!