OLd purchase of Studio Box

I bought Studio Box a couple of years ago, stopped using it and try now to reinstall it.
I need updates and user manual (I struggle with Accordion)

Make sure the theme is compatible with the WordPress version you’re using
Software Version: WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7

Hi, Studio Box is one of our themes. Could you register and post to our support forum. http://support.imaginemthemes.co/ . Our support can help you with any problems or provide information regarding the theme.


Hi there,
Many thanks for reply.
I am using Wordpress 4.7
My ThemeForrest Studio Box have been purchased end of 2012…looks working.
My main issue is that I don’t remember how to set-up Home Accordion Slides (mostly) procedure to put pics on it.
In time I managed to make it by my own but I had the “user manual” in hands.
Soo what I am trying to identify is to update my theme and to set-up Accordion slide.
Thanks in advance for help
and warm regards

Another major issue is that I cannot register on Imaginem forum because I assume that I had another Envato account where stays my purchase details…It is long time now when I was in Thailand. In Belgium now. But I remember at the time I had a few chas with creator who solved a few problems…

Hello Brazil.
we had conversations long time ago when I bought you fantastic Theme. Well I cannot register because I cannot find details of my purchase. I was in Thailand at the time then Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and now Belgium.
My wish is that you trust me, send me user manual and if possible way to update…I think I bought it end 2012 beginning 2013
Have nice afternoon