Old Forum Technology


Hi There!
I just wanted to ask which forum technology/platform envato was using previously for old forum?
Looking forward to know this from someone who are sure.

Thanks in advance.



The previous forums were custom built, if I recall correctly.


@theemon It was totally custom, built with Ruby on Rails. @collis designed it himself and I hope I’m right in thinking that our original Envato developer @ryan (and Marketplace user #1) built it. Maybe if Collis sees this he will have some more background info to share on how it all began. :smile:


Yep @scottwills is right!

We originally tried building the forums using something called punbb but we had some integration probelms, and Ryan was like ‘how hard can it be to make forums’, so we made them in the main ruby app. They didn’t get a lot of love over the years though, so I’m glad we’re finally on a well maintained open source app so we can benefit from it improving over time!!


Great @collis @scottwills
Thanks for the answer


Hope new forums will look similar to old one by design and some layouts…


I hope to get acquainted with this new forum soon, confess I still love the simple of old forum :innocent:


Yes, old one was one of the best forum i have seen. simple yet best ux.
But yes we need to get used to with new forum, as this is also for the betterment of community. we were needed many lots of features doing which in old forum was a toughest and wrong deal so its best to use something which is already available and better. Envato made a better move.

But still i loved the old forum. @collis @scottwills can we get the code of the old forum, You should upload this to GIT or make it opensource. why to waste the efforts you guy put? I suggest doing it, many people would love to use it as a simple forum when in need. I am one of them :smile:


@collis Featurewise, they kinda didn’t, but from a UX perspective, muuch, much better. Those big titles, that clean layout… huh nostalgic already! :sweat_smile: