Ok what'd I do wrong?

Hi, I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with this so I’m guessing it’s stylistic. What are your thoughts?



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No comments?? Could really use insight.

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Hey! Use Sound Cloud next time. Not everyone is comfortable using Drop Box for listening.
About your music …
I like it. But it doesn’t sound like background music. Arrangement, mixing and used solo instruments more characterize your track as music for listening without video. It is inconvenient to use with video. Music will constantly distract you.


Thank you. The reason I don’t use Soundcloud is because I would have to pay a premium for a private link and I didn’t want to post this as a public piece. But I really appreciate your comments!

I have a free soundcloud account and I am able to send private links. Are you sure you are not able to as well?

There is a free limit on Soundcloud.

hmmm…maybe I’m wrong.

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What? Are you serious?

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The discussion of the limits of the Soundcloud site on the Envato forum is strange.

Its not a discussion, its the reason he didn’t use SoundCloud for posting his music. Lots of authors dont use SoundCloud. How is that selfpromotion?

He is asking for feedback on a track that I guess is rejected, thats a pretty common subject here on the forums. @Bail_Out_Productions I will listen to your track when I get home.

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Had a listen to your track and here’s a few suggestions why it could have been rejected:

  • there’s a lot of reverb and it makes the mix sound muddy. The production has more of a demo sound to my ears.
  • the trumpet (?) doesn’t sound convincing and at some points (@18 and 24 sec) it plays two notes at the same time in a second interval. It may be deliberate, but sounds like a mistake.
  • the track comes across as a jam more than a composed song.
  • I guess that this style isn’t much in demand.

This is just my humble opinion and I may be wrong on all points :blush:


Why invariably do posts always end up with arguments. Even if we are irked by something someone has posted, is it best not to remain civil rather than raising the temperature?


You’re absolutely right, but sometimes it is hard to resist…

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Thanks. Yes they the trumpets intervals were intentional only because I’ve heard it done before from a trumpet player, But I tend to agree with the rest (except for maybe the reverb :slightly_smiling_face:). I originally wrote it for a commercial but when they decided to go a different so I thought I’d try this. But I get it.

Holy cow, I haven’t checked this thread in a few days and didn’t realize it became so divisive. :woman_facepalming:

I didn’t mind the trumpets or the reverb!
But have you considered lowering the volume of the bass lines or the lowest frequencies? Thought they were a bit too heavy in your mix, but perhaps that’s your style.
I do think the last 33 seconds or so could stand on its own if given a proper lead-in…not that I mean to cut up your composition.

Otherwise the whole piece does sound a bit too much like a jam (as Hyperprod noted) and that would make it hard for me to use as a background score (as Romantic_City noted). Hope to hear from you folks in the future!

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It sounds rather lo-fi to me. It’s rather muddy in the low mids and the top end could be opened out on some instruments with some EQ.

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I think you are right @gballx . These are emotions. :slightly_smiling_face: I apologize!