Oh yes, so funny

very funny fun fact




Laugh and tears is new reality for Envato authors.:laughing::sob::laughing::sob:


Facts are not always funny. It is the nature of facts




Keep it up, forget about it and do your thing, and you will have better times, as we all have bad times currently. Maybe Pink Zebra isn’t though! :smiley:


An old native American wisdom says:
If You`re Riding a Horse and It Dies, Get Off


Its just a bumpy road with lots of big puddles


I certainly agree, but you can’t feed your family with enthusiasm only. I want to eat right now, not tomorrow or week/month/year later. Will better times come tomorrow? Who knows. But one thing I know for sure - sooner or later your stomach will force you to look for better places to get money :smile:


I feel you, I think except Envato one should have also something else too. You can’t just rely at it always. The markets like this are saturated and too many. Especially for Audio! I think nowdays one will survive only if he creates something soooo good that will be an immediate hit! Except if something good happens to all markets, who knows?


Going No-exclusive is one of the solution, what do you prefer, earn a better commission with 1 sale a week ? Or maybe lower commission here, but at 50% share on other market, with 4 sales a week ? Because you are on 4 site at the same time ? The answer is easy to find, even if I can’t make a living with music. I’m doing this since 1 + year so the road will be harder and very long and my experience is not enough richfull as yours, but non exclusivity give me a better result that 1 year spending on AJ, facing to rejection and really low and slow sales ! That’s my reality, and If I can make it, everyone can do it. And with probably better Stats than mine !

Good luck everyone !!! :slight_smile: I’m optimistic for each one of you


What worries me is the future of Envato with the Elements. What you think is going to end up? Even worse?


Yes…lot of fun, indeed… :neutral_face:

To me (I’m clearly not an expert in business world aha) there is few possibilities. But the main idea is to make choice or stay aware about how this business will evolve. I mean, if the subscription model will become a standard or the direct licensing as Audio Jungle will stay forever . I do both, through some website which have theses 2 service. It’s allow me to be a little more flexible and find some customer who do subscription model !

I think Audio Jungle will stay here and will works during long time. But customer will become more rare. It will worst. We have few possibilities, Higher our price to balance between the slow sales or Make a cheaper price to stay visible. Keep uploading but no more waiting for earning here. And just develop our portfolio everywhere, to balance with all of this ! Element is guilty, but saturation too. There are so much new composer who join, it’s become harder to have visibility ! So I don’t know how it will end, but it’s true that time seems to be harder, but I think we just keep our work, just keep upload where it’s worth to do it. And don’t loose faith, better time will come, I’m pretty sure about this.

  • Create our own music identity, is a great way to balance with saturation. I think it will be the future of this, maybe people are bored to looking for the same stuff that AJ choose. In fact, how can we handle so much author if everyone does Corporate (it’s an example). Just find your niche, just find your strength through your music and make it the most important part of your music. Like a brand with an original taste. It’s not on AJ that we can develop that even if I’m trying, but many other place are more open-minded about it !

It’s my thought (and what I hope in certain way) but as I already said, I’m a newbie in this music and business world.


As someone who has tried to use AJ tracks in the past, I can tell you that the instant demonetization on YT + wait to get the track approved after you post is painful. I’d rather just use the free garbage YouTube gives us because I know it’s not going to be instantly claimed/demonetized… If this is fixed, I would quickly begin to use the audio here for future vids. I think the audio here is higher quality, I just don’t have days to wait after appeal, etc etc.

I think following thinks happening:

  1. AJ Closes the doors for new Authors
  2. AJ starts to disable whole Authors Portofolios from AJ (sometimes even Hall of Fame Elite Authors)
  3. On the long term the AJ-Sync License Market gets closed totally

Good point.

Do you browse tracks by non AdRev registered and if so does it makes easier with YouTube claims for you?

hmmm good point! maybe it is like that! but maybe not? that sounds reasonable and scary!

nice one man! you got a strong point!

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This is funny as HELL

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