Oh yeah, another rejection!

Hi everyone,

some suggestion for this another rejection? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


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Hi @RobertoFlora

This is just my two cents but I would say rejection reasons could be because the mixing is not that great but also the arrangement of the track seems quite unorganized. I see you named the track romantic but later in the track you come in with what sounds like action oriented drums which don’t quite fit, so some of the instruments here aren’t quite working in the style your going for.

From my experience at Audiojungle so far, it’s about keeping things simple and direct. To my ears, it sounds like some sounds are a clash in style or genre. This is my opinion but I hope it helps in some way for your future tracks. Keep plugging away and I’m sure you’ll make some awesome commercial music! :slight_smile:

Thanks @AaronWildeMusic! In effect, maybe the name of track is not appropriate, but I think that would be commercial, the percussions sound is not very strong for me, anyway I appreciate your advice! :wink:

Track starts very abruptly!
And It sounds like 3-4 tracks in one!
But nice idea)
Try to make less ideas in one track :slight_smile:

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As usual i’m agree with @AaronWildeMusic :smiley:
I would add that i seen you from time to time here. And would say. You spending so much time hardly to make it in, you making a great (and i mean it!) melody and then it’s all falling down. I’d say take a break for a while (like few days) and at the same time when you are resting invest your time in research and learn for production and equalisation/mixing/mastering, how to use reference tracks. You really need to increase your production skills. Also, in my opinion, take time to watch/compare for some better quality samples, you will learn a lot even from this simple thing. You will just waste more of your time trying to break that hard wall with your current stuff. Take it easy, long breath, prepare and go again! :slight_smile:

Simple tracks->Simple tracks accepted->Complex tracks.

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And I also agree with you again @FireLast :joy: You can even add to that by analyzing some top sold tracks or trending tracks here at Audiojungle, helps a ton to know the direction in what is accepted and better yet, selling well.

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Thanks Infraction! sometimes someone suggested me to increase the arrangement with other instruments, that’s is not the case, ahah! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree with you FireLast, I have to start with simple tracks… about equalisation/mixing/mastering, I tried to use fabfilter eq and waves L2, maybe in a wrong way. Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

Nono mate, problem lays much deeper in, it’s not even a plug-in choice, what is your monitors then?

Sony headphones or Bose bluetooth speaker…

That’s the problem! You can’t mix if you can’t hear! I can imagine your tracks is sounds just like top items on those speakers! Even if Sony can give you decent quality (if), you can’t, just can’t hear everything on them that you could on fine studio monitors. Last thing i can say, you need them, rly. This is no go for now, you’ll just waste more of your time. Anyway it’s just my opinion.

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Thanks, but I’m not sure that’s the main problem… I don’t understand why the only track accepted by AJ is that:

The mixing/mastering in this is absent…

I think the reason is that there is too many ideas for one track. Mixdown is not that hard to fix. You can always start with clean sheet and make it better, clean and different. Im new to AJ, but understood that simplicity is the key to success. Maybe im wrong. But i wish you to get all your future tracks to be approved!

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Thank you AnviAudio, I appreciate a lot your comment, I agree with you! :wink:

Hi Roberto,

thanks for sharing your work.

Your track was rejected for mixing issues, most likely. There is some conflict between frequencies and some mud in the lower-mids. I would recommend you to look for resonances and also to identify problematic frequencies in the wet signal (whether it is a reverb or a distant mic within your virtual instrument). May I suggest that you could check your speakers/listening environment? A few good reference tracks may also help you to know better your speakers.

It seems to me that your ‘Inspiration’ track is fine, you used different instruments in it and I can’t hear big issues or conflicts.

I would like to add that your compositions are very good and I find them rather original and viable. I would encourage you to try again with simple arrangements and clearer mixes, your good composition will always came across. :smiley:

I hope it helps

Best regards

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Hi @MagicStockSound,

thank you so much for your kind words, your encouragement it’s very precious for me! :smiley:

I have to learn a lot about mixing/mastering as the other authors here have suggest me, but it’s also important understand if the compositions can be appropriate for the AJ commercial trend and your opinion about that, make me satisfied.

Can you suggest me in short the way that you follow for the mixing/mastering?

Many thanks again, cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hi again,

you’re welcome.

When mixing a band, I always start from the drums, then add the bass, guitars, vocals, keyboards. When mixing orchestral samples I start from the nearest depth (strings, sometimes piano) and add further sections one at the time. But I believe that’s just my preference, you can start where you want. It’s all about balance: something has to be quiet to make something else loud, some instrument has to be dark to make something else bright. I play solo instruments when looking for resonances but play instruments toghether if I need to glue them (e.g. Cellos and Double Basses). I know that’s very little (and subjective) feedback, sorry. :pensive:

May I recommend you some of my favorite channels for programming/mixing tutorials?

All the best :smiley:

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Wow, thanks so much, great!!! :smiley:

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You are welcome.

Seriously…those channels are gold mines and I often refer to them. :slight_smile:

Wish you the best of luck