Oh my God Twins were born!


There must be an Envato bug not the authors fault


Or maybe that author submitted the same items 2x times to have 2 items approved at once. Who knows. I don’t think this is a bug from Envato’s side.

You can report the situation at https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


By mistake sent twice I think. 22408010 and 22408011 . Random error of the author (not intentionally). Or malfunction site. You wrote to the author to see a duplicate(in comments)? @Octopusic, try to write to him in the comments he sent the same track twice.

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I almost wrote: “…and now is the time to get a real job!”

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Likely a bug of upload. Sometimes it’s being stuck at “processing” phaze, an author submit it once again, and the same item goes to review twice. It happens.


I saw something like this somewhere on graphicriver few days ago, item was the same , one next other, don’t remember where … I think this can be bug.


In the category list only appear one time.

It happened to me once after some error during the submitting. Fortunately I’ve notice that while looking at dashboard.

Seems problem solved! thanks envato for keeping the site tided

@MykeRoss By the way let me a bit offtopic. How you (and @ThemeSLR) do have your badges visible under your avatar and some other authors do not? Is that to set somewhere in settings? :slight_smile:

I’m a magician. Magicians never tell how they do their tricks. (Pssst, (whispers) yes YOU. Go to Preferences and then Profile.)


@MykeRoss How to sort them in order, you do not accidentally know? :slight_smile:

ok, magician - conjure me vodka. :slight_smile:


This happened to me too… finally I deleted one of them :smiley:
Good luck!